GetVirtualServices specializes in quality transcriptions using only top of the edge technology to provide you reliable and fast medical transcription services. We are one of the current world leaders in giving medical record solutions. We are proud to tell you that our organization provides all sizes of configurations and facilities done by only the best in medical record transcription services. We are professional, personal, and efficient to work and help you with your business under changing conditions.

Our Mission

  • Excellence

  • Commitment

  • Satisfaction

  • Confidentiality

  • On-time services

Our Medical Transcription Services Includes as Follows

  • Billing services

  • servicesConcerns management

  • Medical coding

  • Submission of claims

  • Compliance to HIPPA

  • Compliance and auditing

  • Payment posting

  • Verification of eligibility

  • AR Follow-up

  • House clearing

  • Implementation and training

  • Analysis of codes

  • Claim processing

  • Hospital billing

  • Claim indexing

  • Impact analysis

  • Management of accounts receivables

  • And all types of medical transcriptions…

GetVirtualServices provide you a user-friendly and HIPPA-secured internet-based solution using a wide array of capabilities and technologies involving provider electronic transmission and signature, document storage, supervisor management with faxing and printing options.

We assure to fulfill our commitment to help you with your transcription needs. Our organization is committed to provide you client-specific, quality, and custom services to meet the highest professional ethics and standards that require not only with compliance and innovation, but also a dedicated and passionate team. With Get Virtual Services established business and work diligence, we continuously provide you comprehensive and accurate transcription solutions that concentrate on your requirements and needs.
GetVirtualServices provide a comprehensive and standard approach to transcription, concentrating in meeting and achieving security, turnaround, quality, delivery and all client expectation which is carried out with an active goal to deliver you accurate services.

Why Hire Us?

  • Unprecedented leadership

  • Professional team

  • Accurate and dependable services

  • And more…

  • Faster turnaround times

  • Competitive prices

  • Updated tools and skills

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