In your day to day business activities, you come across certain tasks that are non-core in nature, which end up eating into your valuable time and resources. Such tasks can be assigned to a dedicated executive assistant. By doing so, you can direct your time and resources to the significant aspects of your business. Nevertheless, if you do not have an in-house assistant to perform such tasks, you can always hire a remote executive from Get Virtual Services.

Get Virtual Services
At Get Virtual Services, we know that it is difficult to complete routine administrative tasks with limited in-house resources. Tasks such as managing business correspondences, scheduling appointments, answering calls, creating presentations, etc. take a lot of time. It would be ideal to delegate such tasks to a dedicated secretary who could do all the work on your behalf. The remote executives at At Get Virtual Services, on being hired by you, can help you save time, reduce operational costs and manage your time in an efficient manner.

Remote executives at Get Virtual Services have been hired by many companies across the globe for the various tasks that they can perform.

They can perform the following tasks:

1. Travel / Airline and Hotel Reservations:

Hire a remote executive from Get Virtual Services and delegate all tasks related to business travel. Whether it is booking airline tickets or making necessary hotel reservations in the destination you are travelling to, your hired remote executive will help you plan your travel successfully. You will save a lot of time that you would have otherwise spent on travel planning and booking

2. Scheduling Appointments:

In your daily business routine, you have to meet many people, such as vendors, customers or other stakeholders. Scheduling appointments in such a way that you meet everybody and yet devote time to work is a daunting task. Such tasks are best done by an assistant. Our remote executive can schedule your appointments on your behalf in such a way that you devote enough time to meet people and just enough time to complete your work.

3. Business Card Scanning:

Quite often, you end up with a collection of business cards after a couple of business meetings. Extracting key information from these cards and storing them in a secure and easily accessible place is a key task that needs to be done regularly, else all the business cards can end up piling up on your desk. The remote executive that you would hire from Get Virtual Services can scan all your business cards and save the important information on a secure FTP platform, which can be accessed by you from anywhere and at any time. By delegating this task to our remote executive you will realize that you have saved ample time, which can be used for business development

4. Internet Research:

If there is a requirement at your end to research the Internet to source crucial information, which will be used for your business, you can assign the task of Internet research to a remote executive at Get Virtual Services Be it researching the Internet to find out the various budget business hotels in your neighborhood or finding the cost and quote of the copier that you want to purchase, our dedicated remote assistant can be of great help to you. Besides researching the Internet, our remote executive can also manage your website, taking care of web page design, content development and search engine optimization

5. Event Planning:

Conducting business events such as sales meetings, conferences, panel discussions, etc. require enormous amount of planning. A remote executive from Get Virtual Services is capable of planning your events and also executing them in a professional manner

6. Data Entry:

Entering data from one source to another is a very common task in any business, which needs to be done in a timely manner, without wasting much time and resources. Our remote executive can perform all tasks related to data management and data entry, be it entering crucial data effectively or maintaining a database

7. Call Answering:

With a lot of work to finish and numerous meetings to attend, there is often very less time to answer all the calls that you receive in a day. It would be great to have an assistant who could answer all your calls. Our remote executive can answer calls on your behalf with your company’s welcome message and pass on all the details to you at the end of the day.

8. Correspondence Management:

Managing online correspondences is a time consuming task, which needs to be done carefully as it involves crucial communication from and to your customers, vendors and other stakeholders. You can hire a remote executive from Get Virtual Services to manage your online correspondences as well as create and circulate newsletters, follow-up on reminder e-mails, etc.

9. Presentations / Spreadsheets Creation:

Our remote executive can create presentations and charts for you if you do not have the time and resources to create them. We will assign to you an executive who has a rich experience in creating PPT slides and spreadsheets.

10. Desktop Publishing Services:

The need for tasks related to desktop publishing (DTP) arises when you create marketing collaterals to promote your business. Our remote executive can perform all DTP related tasks and can also create manuals, flyers, brochures and catalogs for you.

Get Virtual Services offers more benefits than you could imagine because we are professional people trained to perform a variety of tasks to help business owners like you increase performance and productivity, maximize time, save money, and take business to new heights.

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