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Save precious time, outsource daily tasks to your virtual assistant and stay focused on expanding your business.

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Virtual business services are a 21st century reality. Move ahead of your competitors and focus on building your business by hiring a virtual assistant work for you and with you.

We offer a dependable virtual service assisting you in running and managing your online business.

Hiring an assistant from us lets you balance your schedule, especially during heavy work days.

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Create your site architecture or build on and improve your existing one. Specify functionalities of your website such as: login to a portal, payment services, newsletter sign-up and auto-responder set-up, etc.

Make wireframes to know exactly where your content (images, videos, Flash, copy) will go on your site. Our experienced web designers will use these as the framework of your exciting new-look website.

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SEO is what we were founded on. In an industry revolving around ever-changing search engine algorithms, our in-house SEO professionals use the latest and most reliable methods to get your website ranking.

Whether you’re looking to establish first-time rankings, modernize dated optimization or drive an existing site to the top in search engines. Our SEO consultants will talk with you about your business goals.

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Virtual Assistant Service

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Web Development Services

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SEO Service

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We Help you to Design your Dream Business Successful


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About Us

G Virtual Solutions is located in western part of India (Mumbai, Maharashtra), is well established as an Information Technology Enabled Service Provider Company. The Company has established in the industry by its highly dedicated Professionals to provide total IT enabled solutions and services under one roof.

We possess with the latest technology to deliver excellent quality with TAT (turn-around time). With having nearly 5 years of experience and its operations, has increased its business by acquiring some major domestic and international projects.

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Why Choose Us

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Have Questions & Want to know more About Us?

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What Our Client Says

[quote author_name=”Peter O’Connor” author_description=”MD, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach & Business Support” author_image=”https://www.getvirtualservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Peter.jpg” size=”small” style=”simple”]

I have engaged the virtual services of Andy Sharma & his team (GetVirtualServices), for a number of years now.

Andy has supported the growth of my business, in a highly professional manner.
He has worked with me part time, on supporting the Web objectives, SEO strategy, online marketing and also webpage design services, for my company.

He has also on many occasions engaged in online research, marketing administration and web content design services.

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Our Expert Team Members

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Sr Multitasking Assistant

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Sr Web Developer

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Sr SEO & SEM Assistant

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87 % Likes from our Clients

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62 % Stay Ongoing with Us

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96 % Satisfied Clients

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68 % Voted Us Best Service

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38 % Referring Clients

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