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[quote author_name=”Peter O’Connor” author_description=”MD, Facilitator, Trainer, Coach at Performance partners Ltd” author_image=”http://www.getvirtualservices.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Peter.jpg” size=”small” style=”solid”]

I have engaged the virtual services of Andy Sharma & GetVirtualServices, for a number of years now.

Andy has supported the growth of my business, in a highly professional manner.

He has worked with me part time, on supporting the Web objectives, SEO strategy, online marketing and also webpage design services, for my company.

He has also on many occasions engaged in online research, marketing administration and web content design services.

On initial evaluation of these services, I was somewhat sceptical as to how a virtual service might work.

However, I was both surprised and very pleased with how this works, fitting in with my own needs for support, and working alongside locally based administration and web services.

Initially, in my experience, there is a ramp-up phase, where Andy or the Get Virtual assistant will need to become familiar with your own business. In my experience, at this stage, it is worth putting some time into ensuring that you would set him/Get Virtual up for success, by clearly explaining tasks and outcomes required.

While written email and Skype communication was always prompt, responsive to my needs & excellent, you cannot expect someone to fulfil a task, without explaining it well, along with it’s context and why it is being done. This will ensure you get the results you want.

As an individual, and with the execution of tasks, I have always found Andy to be honest, hard-working and fully engaged with the tasks that he has taken on for my business.

I have no hesitation in recommending that you at least “evaluate his services and those of GetVirtualServices,” as a value adding service, alongside your additional support.



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