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Coping up with today’s tight competition is vital for your business to ensure its survival for many years more. You need to be with your business every step of the way, so there are important business functions like seminars, meetings, presentations, and conferences that you need to attend at specific times. This is the reason thousands of business owners all over the world outsource staffs to work for them especially when they need business transcription services for these functions.

Why Choose Our Business Transcription Service

High-quality and accurate

When you need accurate virtual transcription services, there is no other company to call but us. We offer you with 100% accurate transcription services to depend on. We keep a high-quality record of your shareholder and business meeting without needing dictation, drafting, proofing, and minutes. We work unsupervised. Go on and do your business.

Client satisfaction

Since 2009, we have lived up to our commitment of providing topnotch transcription services to our clients worldwide, so they have come back for more from us. Now, we have a growing network of clients coming from all corners of the world and have been working on their business transcription projects.

Dedicated Team

We are composed of dedicated professionals working in this industry for years. We have provided transcription services to clients from the US, Europe, Canada, and more. Until now, we receive regular orders from returning clients due to our guaranteed and dedicated services. We have passionate team managers to supervise and expert team members to process and work on your project.

Variety of Services

Send us your audio records of monthly or annual meetings, group discussions, press releases, training sessions, forecast meetings, and other company events. We can convert those audio files into ready-to-print transcripts in documents. We can customize the output as you need it. We send you the file as email attachment or in any method you desire.

End-to-end transcription service

Focus on deals or negotiations you have on hand while we take care of the transcription project for you.

Major Transcription Services

  • Meeting, presentation, boardroom discussions, and other company events transcription

  • Interview transcription

  • Earning call transcription

  • Financial transcription

  • General meeting transcription

  • Focus group transcription

  • Teleconference transcription

  • Mobile dictation transcription

  • And more.

Get Virtual Services now if you need a dependable organization to work on the business  transcription project you have on hand.